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  1. Radiation Safety Training
  2. Radiation Safety Training Requirements
  3. RCR NIFA Requirement
  4. RCR NIH Requirement
  5. RCR NSF Requirement
  6. Related Departments And Committees
  7. REP Submission Instructions (Stimulus And Convergence)
  8. REP-UConn Health 2017-2018 Award Recipients
  9. REP-UConn Health 2018-2019 Award Recipients
  10. REP-UConn Health Award Recipients
  11. Report Of Audit Findings
  12. Reporter Report Request Form
  13. Reporting
  14. Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns
  15. Reporting Unexpected Or Unusual Morbidity And Mortality
  16. Reports
  17. Request System Access Changes
  18. Requirements For Work With Infectious Agents At UConn Health
  19. Research Adverse Events
  20. Research Advisory Groups
  21. Research Communications Resources
  22. Research Compliance
  23. Research Compliance Monitoring
  24. Research Compliance Quarterly Winter 2023
  25. Research Compliance Services - Related Offices
  26. Research Development
  27. Research Development Contacts
  28. Research Development Services (RDS): Proposal Development Services Overview
  29. Research Equipment Support
  30. Research Excellence Program - UConn Health
  31. Research Excellence Program 2016 Convergence Grant Winners
  32. Research Excellence Program At UConn Health
  33. Research Finance
  34. Research Financial Compliance And Monitoring
  35. Research Integrity & Compliance
  36. Research Integrity & Compliance Contacts
  37. Research Integrity & Compliance Quarterly — Summer 2023
  38. Research Involving Cannabis, Hemp, And Marijuana
  39. Research IT ERA Help Desk
  40. Research IT Services Contacts
  41. Research Misconduct
  42. Research Misconduct Contacts
  43. Research Resources
  44. Research.gov
  45. ResearchMatch
  46. Resources Related To Contracts
  47. Responsible Conduct Of Research
  48. Responsible Conduct Of Research (RCR) Requirements
  49. Retro-orbital Bleeding
  50. Risk Assessment
  51. Rodent Toe Clipping
  52. Rodent Tumor Production
  53. RSS Feeds