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Consulting Disclosure and Approval

If a faculty member, or any other University personnel subject to the consulting policy, do any work for a faculty affiliated company, whether or not compensation is received, prior consulting approval from the University is required.  This approval is required even if the faculty affiliated company is not currently paying the faculty member.

For faculty members who have an ownership interest in a start-up company, that ownership must be disclosed when seeking consulting approval.

Faculty members must get consulting approval from the Department Head, Dean, and Provost if working for a faculty affiliated company in a paid or unpaid capacity.

Faculty must seek approval for the Use of University Resources, including University equipment, while consulting.  Faculty members must reimburse the University for using University resources beyond di minimus amounts.

Approval under the University’s Faculty Consulting system is in addition to any other disclosure statements (e.g., for research financial disclosures).

Any consulting activity that is ongoing requires a new request form every fiscal year.

For questions related to the faculty consulting policy, contact the campus Faculty Consulting Office.