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OSHA Bloodborne Disease Training

Initial Training is required for everyone potentially exposed to human blood and other potentially infectious material (as described by the UConn Health’s Exposure Control Plan) must complete this training prior to accomplishing any task presenting such a potential exposure risk. These exposure determinations are made by the supervisor. For new employees, the initial UConn Health Bloodborne Pathogen Training is completed as part of UConn Health’s New Employee Orientation. Once this initial requirement has been met, completion of an annual Refresher Session (part of SABA) is mandatory. Researchers may opt to take the Annual Bloodborne Pathogen Refresher Training PowerPoint Presentation  (http://content.research.uconn.edu/pdf/uch/rcs/ehs/BBPRefresher.ppsx) on our website.  On the last slide, please click on the Annual Bloodborne Pathogen Refresher Training Confirmation Form to get credit (may have to right click on link and “Open Hyperlink” with certain web browsers for input form).

WARNING: Employees must not perform tasks with potential exposures to human blood and other potentially infectious materials until they have completed the initial training. Contact the Environmental Health and Safety Office (x2723) if assistance is needed. Back to Top

Laboratory Safety Training

Per UConn Health’s policy and OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard, also known as “The Laboratory Standard” it is mandated that ALL people working in laboratories covered by the standard at UConn Health (including the vivarium and TIPS space) require training upon their initial assignment. This is in addition to the basic training they attend at orientation. The training in the safe use of chemicals, biosafety, emergency response and waste management is essential for a safe working environment.  To stay current with regulatory updates, Laboratory Safety training must be refreshed annually.

NOTE: A UConn NetID is required. Your administrative office can provide you with a NetID.

The sessions must be watched 100% in their entirety in order to receive credit. The system tracks how much of the video is viewed, simply taking the quizzes is NOT sufficient. It is best to take these sessions on a desktop, from within the UConn Health firewall, and using the Chrome browser. Upon completion of the sessions, you must follow the 4 steps below or you will NOT get credit for completing training.

1. Email Liz Pokorski  when you have completed both training sessions.
2 The email must state:
Your name:

Contact information:

That you have completed both training sessions.

3. The email must contain a completed copy of your Initial Bloodborne Pathogen form.
4. The email must contain either statement, or a statement and a question:
“I have no questions about the Initial Bloodborne Pathogen Training or the form I filled out”;


“I have a question about the Initial Bloodborne Training or the form I filled out. My question is: …” and then there should be a question, which I will answer. This is legally part of the initial BBP training under OSHA. We will provide these to Employee Health Service.

If you require assistance or experience difficulty accessing the training sessions, please contact EH & S at x2723.

Title: Basic Biosafety & Initial Bloodborne Pathogen Training

Duration: 1:20:51

Link:  https://uconnhealth.mediasite.com/Mediasite/Play/ca4496f9397746f988584ea1f526db891d

Initial Bloodborne Pathogen Form


Title:  Lab Safety & Chemical Waste Management

Duration: 1:07:57

Link: https://uconnhealth.mediasite.com/Mediasite/Play/2d4d8c943b194bad8b4f7e426232d6241d


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Tuberculosis/TB Respirator Training and Fit Testing

Please call Infection Control (x4376) or email FitTesting@uchc.edu for individualized training.

Employees must have fully completed all requirements of this training prior to being allowed to enter a TB respiratory isolation room. New and existing employees identified as needing to enter a respiratory isolation room must complete this UConn Health Program. The requirements of the UConn Health’s TB/Respirator Program involve employee training, medical evaluation and fit testing annually as mandated by OSHA. Training sessions are scheduled upon request.