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How to Enroll in the Occupational Health Surveillance Program

In order to be compliant with both PHS Policy on the Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals and the UConn Health Policy on Occupational Health Surveillance Program for Principal Investigators, Researchers, Technicians, Center for Comparative Medicine Staff, and Students Utilizing Animals in Research or Educational Programs, the Principal Investigator and everyone listed on a protocol as an animal user must enroll in the UConn Health Occupational Health Surveillance Program for Animal Users on an annual basis.

It would be helpful for all animal users to perform a preliminary risk assessment prior to filling out the MACE form (see below). Click on the species that will be used to see associated risks. Prior to consulting with each person listed on the protocol, the PI is advised to come to a consensus with the Biological Safety Officer (BSO) about what will be considered hazards in the IACUC protocol.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION:  You cannot enroll in the OHS program until you have completed an initial animal user registration form and that form has been processed by the IACUC office.  DO NOT TRY to enroll in the OHS program until you receive an email informing you that your animal user training registration form has been processed.  You must have a UConn Health network account; if you do not, you will not be able to enroll in the OHS program.  You will need to speak with your department administrator to have one set up.  This includes people from UConn Storrs or other branches – you still will require a UConn Health network account.

PLEASE NOTE:  There has been some confusion between the OHS program and the medical clearance for animal use requirement.  Enrollment in the OHS program is done when you complete the MACE form and submit it.  The medical clearance is an appointment with Employee Health Service (EHS) where they ensure that you are medically fit to use animals, as using laboratory animals is a hazard.  To complete this requirement, you need to call EHS at x2893 and say you need an appointment to be cleared for laboratory animal use.

To enroll:

Complete the Mandatory Annual Certification of Enrollment (MACE) enrollment form

(You MUST be on campus or connected to the UConn Health VPN, and otherwise signed in to the UConn Health network through some other means, i.e. remote.uchc.edu, to complete this form and submit it to the IACUC and Employee Health Services offices via the “submit” button at the top of the form. If you are off campus and can’t gain access through VPN, go to https://remote.uchc.edu and login with your UConn Health Network credentials, then use one of the apps, e.g. SABACloud, and change the url of the website that launches for SABACloud to the OVPR website at https://ovpr.uchc.edu, browse to this page again in that remote app and complete the MACE enrollment form from home via the computer’s web browser sitting here on campus as a workaround if you cannot do so physically on campus or via VPN access. Contact the UConn Health IT department (860-679-4400) for any questions or accessing this form from off campus.  Please DO NOT contact the IACUC office. )

Protecting yourself with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), including respirators is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Respirators may be helpful in preventing allergies to laboratory animals.  Unless directed by Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) that a respirator is required for a specific task, your choice to wear a respirator will be considered voluntary.  If you choose to protect yourself with a respirator, you will need to review the OSHA document regarding the use of respirators.

You will also need to consult with EH&S, or with the Biological Safety Officer (BSO), about how to do this. For respirators, medical clearance and fit testing will be required.  Medical clearance for respirators is obtained through Employee Health Service (EHS).  Medical clearance is separate from the OHS program and involves filling out a separate questionnaire – call EH&S at 860-679-2723 to get a copy of the Respirator Questionnaire and then send the Respirator Questionnaire directly to EHS (MC-6210).  Respirator fit testing and training is performed by EH&S and must be done after written medical clearance is received from EHS.

Please note that no new protocols or modified protocols will be approved until all personnel associated with these protocols are enrolled in the Occupational Health Surveillance Program for Animal Users; therefore, please make this a priority in your laboratory.

Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

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Environmental Health and Safety
Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee