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Use of EPIC in Research


When a clinical research study will utilize EPIC (UConn Health’s electronic medical record system) for scheduling, ordering or billing a certain process must be followed in order to create the study within EPIC.  The first step in the process is to call x4400 to request a ticket number for the study build, followed by completion and submission of the study build form to the Command Center at Epic@uchc.edu.   The EPIC Command Center must be contacted early in the process to ensure that the Research Analyst who is responsible for building the profile and billing records for that study has sufficient time to do so.

Information provided on this page will help to ensure that a study is accurately captured within EPIC.  Once the study is built, the tips sheets below may be referenced for managing the study within EPIC.

The EPIC Command Center is the point of contact for all questions related to use of the electronic medical records system in research.

Study Build Work Flow and Submission Form:

  • New Study Work Flow:  this document illustrates the workflow process for initiating a new study that will require use of HealthONE.
  • EPIC Research Study Build Submission Form:  This document must be completed and submitted to HealthONEResearch@uchc.edu in order for the study to be built in EPIC.  Call x4400 to request a ticket number for the build and reference that ticket number on the form.

Tip Sheets: