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Salary and Effort Reporting

Salary charges to accounts are initiated by electrical personnel action forms (EPAF).  The EPAF provides the basis for the recording of payroll charges in Banner. Once an EPAF is submitted and entered into the system, payroll charges will continue in accordance with the stated distribution until a revised authorization is issued, changing the distribution. EPAFs should be prepared as soon as a change is anticipated in order to allow time for all required approvals and processing.  EPAFs can be future dated for greater ease in managing payroll changes.  Project personnel should be transferred to another source of funding by the project end date.

Federal regulations require certification of all employees whose salary is paid on sponsored projects or who committed effort to a sponsored program where that effort was paid by the institution (committed effort cost share). This certification is accomplished through Effort Reports. Effort reports are automatically generated and distributed quarterly.  Effort Reports are project based and report the percentage pay for any faculty or staff paid from the sponsored project during the quarter.  Effort reports are first reviewed by department administration staff for administrative errors before being released to Principal Investigators (PI) for certification.  PIs are required to certify to the accuracy of the report as a representation of the individual’s effort on his/her project.

In cases where the PI is not available or unable to certify, a responsible official may certify the effort provided that he/she has first-hand knowledge of the individual’s effort. Salaries and effort are also verified for each grant at the end of the project.

See UConn Health’s effort reporting policies and procedures for more information related to salary distribution and effort reports.

LDCAs-Labor Distribution Change Authorization Form

A cost transfer of salary charges transferred through payroll reallocations is known as Labor Distribution Change Authorizations (LDCAs).  An LDCA is a request to make a change in labor distribution for a prior period. The transaction does not affect future periods. LDCAs are processed in AMS (only available within UCH internal network). and are initiated by department administrators.

EPAF-Electronic Personnel Action Form

Unlike LDCAs, which are a cost transfer of prior payroll expenses, EPAFs initiate labor code changes for future payroll expenses.  It’s initiated by department administrators in Banner Self Service.

Quick link to AMS (only available within UCH internal network):  https://ets.uchc.edu/


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