IACUC Contacts

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee
UConn Health Center
263 Farmington Avenue
Farmington, CT 06030-1523
Phone: 860.679.3429
Fax: 860.679.1005
Email: ooacc@uchc.edu


Committee Contacts

Name Title Phone Email
Alison D. Pohl, MS, rLATg, CPIA Research Compliance Monitor II
IACUC Administrator
860.679.4129 pohl@uchc.edu
Lisa A. Chuba, BS, LAT Research Compliance Monitor I 860-679-4726 lchuba@uchc.edu
Stephen Crocker, Ph.D. IACUC Chair 860.679.8750 crocker@uchc.edu
Melissa Caimano, Ph.D. IACUC Vice-Chair 860.679.8390 mcaima@uchc.edu
Ramaswamy Chidambaram, BVSc, MSc, Ph.D. Director, CCM and Attending Veterinarian 860.679.2248 ramaswamy@uchc.edu
Dan Sasso, B.S. Chemical Specialist (working with chemical hazards in animals) 860.679.4062 sasso@uchc.edu


Leadership Contacts

Name Title Phone Email
Karen Moré, MS, CPIA Director, Research Compliance and Integrity 860-486-2459 karen.more@uconn.edu
Michael Centola, MHS, CIP AVP, Research Compliance and Integrity 860-679-6568 centola@uchc.edu