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Determining Expiration Dates on Drug Mixtures Used in Animals



In many cases, the use of drugs and chemicals in laboratory animals requires that a mixture be made. For example, ketamine and xylazine are frequently used by being made into a solution for an injection into animals. Or, alternately, drugs may need to be diluted in sterile saline prior to use.


1. When making a mixture of drugs and/or chemicals in laboratory animals, documentation must be kept as to the identity of each individual drug/chemical used and their respective lot numbers and expiration dates.

2. Each mixture must be assigned an expiration date.  The expiration date will be the shortest expiration date of all drugs/chemicals used in the mixture OR 3 months, whichever is sooner.  An exception to this requirement is if the drug mixture contains a controlled substance.  In that case, the expiration date will be the shortest expiration date of all drugs used in the mixture OR 1 month.

3. A reminder, expired drugs or materials are not allowed for use in terminal procedures unless described and justified in the animal care and use protocol and approved by the IACUC.


Effective Dates:   December 1, 2022 through December 31, 2025