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Clinical Research and Innovation Seed Program (CRISP)


UConn’s Clinical Research and Innovation Seed Program (CRISP) is a targeted seed funding program for FY22 created to: 1) help unlock the research creativity of UConn/UConn Health faculty who serve in clinical roles and 2) to support faculty who are doing human subjects research and working with clinical populations.

CRISP aims to support faculty in clinical roles who have compelling research ideas they would like to pursue.  Clinical faculty at UConn and UConn Health are world-class practitioners in their areas of expertise, but due to their clinical and teaching responsibilities, they often do not have the resources or opportunity to develop research programs that can lead to external funding.  CRISP is designed to provide the seed funding or development resources needed for clinical faculty to get exciting research projects started.

Faculty who work with human subjects and clinical populations know that this work can be challenging and sometimes cost-prohibitive, particularly for those who are in the early stages of projects or who are seeking pilot data to support large-scale external submissions.  CRISP also aims to provide the support needed to launch significant human subjects/clinical research projects and to move them towards external funding success.

While not a requirement of all proposals, the CRISP program supports collaboration across disciplines and between UConn and UConn Health faculty.  Given external funders’ growing interest in supporting interdisciplinary and convergent research, the demonstrated excellence of our faculty, and the complementary expertise available across disciplines, proposals that include novel interdisciplinary and cross-campus partnerships are particularly encouraged.

To learn more about the program, visit the OVPR Storrs site.