OCTR Policies

Institutional Policies

Policy Number Policy Title
2006-06 Evaluation of a Clinical Research Trial for Medicare Reimbursement Download File >
2006-07 Clinical Research Trials Budget Review Download File >
2006-08 Clinical Research Trials Patient Billing Compliance Download File >
2006-10 Reconciliation of Research Accounts Download File >
2006-11 Contract Negotiations for Initiation of Clinical Research and/or Clinical Trials Negotiated by Staff in the Office of Clinical & Translational Research Download File >
2006-12 Monitoring/Auditing Policy for the Research Billing Compliance Program for Clinical Research/Trials Download File >
2006-13 Health Insurance Coverage for Cancer Clinical Trials in Connecticut Download File >
2007-06 Clinical Trials Under Contract – Administrative Requirements Download File >
2009-05 Institutional Discounts for Investigator Initiated Clinical Trials Download File >
2009-06 Stabilization of Charges for Clinical Research Trials Download File >
2010-01 Clinical Research/Trials “Facility Discount” for Hospital-Based Outpatient Programs Download File >


School of Dental Medicine Policies

Policy Number Policy Title
2012-1 Dental Clinical Research/Trials Budget Review and Exemption, October 31, 2012 Download File >
2012-2 Dental Clinical Research/Discounts for Investigator-Initiated Research, October 31, 2012 Download File >
2012-3 Dental Clinical Research/Discounts for Industry Sponsored Research, October 31, 2012 Download File >
2012-4 Dental Clinical Research/Routing Process, October 31, 2012 Download File >