The Health Center Research Advisory Council (HCRAC) is a standing administrative committee. The faculty members who serve on HCRAC advise the Vice President for Research and the Research Deans related to the institutional core research facilities, and provide support for the graduate program, and intramural grants programs.


Name Membership Role Department
Betty Eipper, ’01 ( ’05) Council Chair Molecular Biology and Biophysics
Adam Adler, ’05 Council Member Immunology
Kevin Claffey, ’08 Council Member Cell Biology
Ann Cowan, ’06 Council Member Molecular Biology and Biophysics
Christopher Heinen, ’09 Council Member Medicine
Victor Hesselbrock, ’18 Council Member Psychiatry
Bruce Mayer, ’07 Council Member Genetics and Genome Sciences
Mina Mina, ’07 Council Member Craniofacial Sciences
Royce Mohan, ’11 Council Member Neuroscience
Ion Moraru, ’14 Council Member Cell Biology
Nancy Petry, ’14 Council Member Medicine
Ernst Reichenberger, ’10 Council Member Reconstructive Sciences
Daniel Schwartz (ex officio) Director, Center for Open Research Resources and Equipment Office of the Vice President for Research
Wesley Byerly (ex officio) Associate Vice President for Research Integrity & Regulatory Affairs Office of the Vice President for Research
Anthony Vella (ex officio) Senior Associate Dean for Research Immunology
Rajesh Lalla (ex officio) Interim Associate Dean for Research Oral Medicine
Julie Schwager Financial Planning Office of the Vice President for Research
Deanna Thibodeau Financial Planning Office of the Vice President for Research
Stephanie Holden Correspondence/Scheduling School of Medicine