NIH ERA Commons

The eRA Commons system is an online interface where grant applicants, grantees, and grantor agencies can access and share administrative information relating to research grants as they are received by NIH via The eRA system allows Principal Investigators to track their applications; view summary statements and score letters; view notice of awards; submit just in time information; access eSNAP Progress Reports, Financial Status Reports and final closeout reports; and no-cost extensions.

SPS provides access to eRA Commons registration, a condition that must be met before initiating a NIH proposal. To register for an eCommons account, you must complete the NIH eCommons Account Registration Form below. If you already have an ID and password, click on the link below to login to eRA Commons.


UConn Health is already registered with Investigators and departmental personnel need not register. NIH provides guidance on submitting applications through at the following sites:


Instructions for Routing NIH Proposals via Internal paperwork must be routed through SPS before it is submitted electronically through

  1. The routing process should be initiated 3-5 business days before the deadline date. This allows SPS time to review and approve the proposal prior to submission.
  2. The proposal will not be submitted electronically to NIH until SPS receives, reviews, and approves the complete proposal package, including the routing form, budget, consortium documents, and a copy of the application package (or access to the application in ASSIST).

The PI does not submit the proposal to NIH. Only SPS has the authority to submit the proposal to NIH after receiving full access permission from the PI.

  1. The PI will complete the electronic application and email to
  2. SPS will print the application, review for compliance with application instructions and request additional information and/or corrections as necessary.
  3. The PI will be notified when the application has been reviewed and approved.
  4. The final version must be reviewed prior to submission.


The Principal Investigator may submit a draft application to SPS for review and approval. The PI may submit draft attachments in the application for review and continue to update their science during the review process.The final application should be submitted to SPS 2 business days before the deadline date.

Do not wait until the last minute to deliver the final proposal package.

The server has been known to “bog down,” particularly on deadline dates. This may result in missing the deadline.

Remember: Submission to and the NIH is a multi-step process. processes a series of validations prior to sending the application to the NIH. NIH, in turn, processes a series of business process validations prior to accepting the application.

A series of email messages will be sent to the PI and SPS when the proposal is submitted via

The PI must have an eRA Commons account in order for the application to be validated by NIH. Once an application completes validation by, it is sent to the NIH. In order for the application to be validated by the NIH, each PI must have an eRA Commons account (Credential Log-In).

If the application meets NIH validation requirements, the application is posted in eRA eCommons. The PI needs to check the assembled application in eRA Commons to ensure the application is complete and has no system conversion issues. If the application did not meet NIH validation requirements and errors were generated, a corrected application must be submitted prior to the submission deadline. If warnings were generated upon validation and the PI would like to address, the previous application must be rejected and a corrected application must be submitted prior to the submission deadline.


Additional information for NIH submission: