Risk Assessment

General Information

Read Staying Healthy in the Animal Facility for general information about working with laboratory animals. All animal work involves some risk and everyone who works in an animal facility, or with animals, should be familiar with the risks associated with their work.

Perform a risk analysis on our website. Just click on the animal(s) that you are working with to get an idea of what potential hazards there are when you use that species.

If you have a health condition that might make you more susceptible to illness than the average worker, you should make an appointment with Employee Health Services to discuss your condition with an occupational health provider with your particular risks. Any discussion between you and the occupational health provider will be kept strictly confidential.

You should also speak with the occupational health provider if you are pregnant, already suffer from allergies, are undergoing therapy for cancer, or suffer from a chronic infection of any type.

Please follow the links to the species that you are using in your work with laboratory animals: