Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here is a list of frequently asked questions about the Responsible Conduct of Research training workshops and requirements. Click on each question to expand and reveal the answer.

Are the remote RCR training workshops offered during the summer?

No, the RCR training workshops are offered in February.

My program does not require me to work with the topic subject groups. Must I attend that portion of the program?

Yes. The requirement for RCR training is 8 hours of in-person training, and you must participate in the full program in order to satisfy the requirement.

I took the CITI training online. Do I have to take the training in person?

In order to satisfy the RCR requirement, you must participate in the 8 hours of in-person training.

I took the RCR training at another University. Must I repeat the RCR training?

The Office of the Vice President for Research will review written requests for credit for prior RCR training with appropriate supporting documentation.

Does my academic Department/Major course that covers Responsible Conduct of Research satisfy the RCR requirement?

A course can only satisfy the RCR requirement if it is pre-approved by the Office of the Vice President for Research.

How do I confirm that I completed the RCR Requirement?

Your student transcript will indicate satisfactory completion for credit-bearing RCR courses. You can verify your CITI RCR training status by logging in to see your list of courses completed. The RCR Office within the OVPR can verify full participation in the monthly in-person training sessions or the remote training workshops.

Will I be notified by the Office of the Vice President for Research that I need to take RCR training?

No. If you are being paid on a Federal grant with an RCR training requirement, the Principal Investigator (PI) will inform you that you must satisfy the RCR requirement.

What happens if I do not fulfill the RCR requirement?

If you do not fulfill the RCR requirement, you cannot be paid with Federal funds to work on the federally funded grant.

If I am not currently working and being paid on a federal grant, can I take the RCR training?

Individuals who are being paid to work on federally-funded grants have priority for registering. Individuals who plan to work on federally-funded grants should consider registering for RCR training.