Vaporizer Calibration and Maintenance

IACUC Policy on Vaporizer Calibration and Maintenance


Anesthesia machines and vaporizers must be in good working conditions to reduce anesthetic gas leaks, to ensure the best performance of scavenging equipment, and to provide the appropriate percentage of anesthetic delivery.  Personnel must be trained in the proper use of anesthetic machines and vaporizers prior to operations; CCM should be contacted to arrange for training.  Vaporizer scavenging must also be evaluated; EH&S should be contacted to arrange for an evaluation.


  1. Accuracy of anesthetic agent ouput from a precision vaporizer must be verified annually or any time the vaporizer has not been in service for more than a year.  If the verified deliver is ± 15% out of calibration of the target value, the unit must be serviced by qualified personnel or company.
  2. CCM will maintain a list of vaporizers for a yearly calibration and arrange for the calibration to be performed. The CCM Vet staff will send an initial e-mail, followed by remainder notification to all users regarding the scheduled time/date of calibration. It is the responsibility of the PI to pay for this service. If the PI couldn’t avail that scheduled time for calibration; then they have to schedule on their own.
  3. Isoflurane vaporizers may not be used with any other inhalant anesthetic.
  4. The vaporizer must be maintained in an upright position to indicate liquid levels accurately.
  5. Use compressed O2 USP (99.99% Pure), supplied by Carrier gas.
  6. If charcoal canisters are used for scavenging, record the amount of time in use or the canister weight after each use (initial weight of canister should be written on the canister). Follow manufacturer’s recommendations for the use of the canister regarding when it requires replacement.  Canisters typically must be discarded after either 12 hours of use or a 50g increase in weight.  When removing canisters from scavenging, please take them or enclose them in a secondary container.  Canisters must be picked up by EH&S for disposal.
  7. If the vaporizer is used in a chemical fume hood so that the released gas outlets to the inside of the hood, there is no requirement for a charcoal filter to be used.

Effective Dates:  December 5, 2019 through December 31, 2022

This policy has been approved by a majority vote of the IACUC members.


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Joseph Lorenzo, MD, Chairman, IACUC                                      Date