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    Research Integrity & Compliance Contacts

    Reporting Research Concerns

    All concerns related to human research, animal research, conflict of interest, research misconduct, research financial accounting, research safety or other research compliance matters should be reported by calling Research Integrity and Compliance Services at 860-679-2230, Office of University Compliance at 860-486-2530, or the specific area.

    Concerns can also be reported anonymously through the REPORTLINE by calling a toll-free number at (888) 685-2637 or The REPORTLINE is a hotline available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year operated by a private (non-UConn) company. You may contact the hotline to report a concern without giving your name. You will be able to re-contact the REPORTLINE to track your report to provide further information at a later date or to obtain general updates about the status of your concern.

    Additional information on reporting concerns can be found at:

    The UConn policy on Reporting Compliance Concerns can be found at:


    UConn prohibits any supervisor, manager or employee from engaging in retaliation directed against any individual who reports a concern. You may contact the Chief Compliance Officer at 860.486.2530 if you believe you have been subject to any retaliatory acts.