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UConn Innovations in Quantum STEM Education

Advances in quantum science have the potential to have transformative social and economic impact.  New technologies are poised to revolutionize major industries, creating opportunities for new applications that will fuel economic growth.

Taking full advantage of emerging quantum technologies requires a STEM-educated workforce that is ready to put these new technologies to work.  The Innovations in Quantum STEM Education program seeks to inspire and seed research into quantum-ready STEM education and workforce training that will enable our communities to rise to meet the new employment opportunities that quantum technologies will bring.  We encourage collaborations between UConn and Yale faculty, as well as other academic, workforce development, and corporate/industry partner organizations, to pursue innovative educational research related to quantum.  We particularly encourage collaborations that include faculty from quantum-related fields, STEM Education or curriculum development, and/or digital media and design.

Areas of interest include (but are not limited to): assessing the current state of STEM education approaches in our region and our readiness for quantum, developing/testing new educational approaches to teaching quantum-related STEM concepts, developing training modules and game-based techniques for teaching quantum concepts, developing/implementing quantum-informed curriculum plans for all educational levels, and developing/implementing quantum-informed workforce development approaches for specific industries.

This program is offered as a companion program to the Quantum-CT Regional Innovation Engine project. Quantum-CT, led by UConn and Yale University, is an effort to build an innovation ecosystem of researchers, educators, industry, and state/local stakeholders to harness the economic impact of new quantum-enabled technologies through technology development, innovation and entrepreneurship, and advances in STEM education and workforce development.

To learn more about the program, visit the OVPR Storrs site.