IACUC Training

Animal Users

It is federal and institutional policy that all animal users be trained in both the biology of the species to be used and in all procedures that users are expected to perform when they work with laboratory animals.  The IACUC requires ALL animal users to attend a 3-hour initial training class.  This class is a 3-part training session that covers:  (1) the animal care program and the IACUC (including the laws and regulations that govern such research in the US); (2) working with the Center for Comparative Medicine; and (3) working safely with research animals.  Animal users only have to take this program once while they are at UConn Health.  This 3-hour initial class is person.

It is mandatory that every year, individuals who use laboratory animals take an online renewal training.

Many people take courses through the CITI program.  Please note that these courses do not meet initial or renewal training criteria set by the UCH IACUC.  These courses are only accepted for meeting training requirements when they are assigned by the IACUC office.  Feel free to take the CITI courses – they are very informative.  But they will not replace UCH IACUC-required trainings.

All animal users are required to document the procedural training they have received from their PIs or senior laboratory members.  It is the responsibility of all animal users to document this training (you can use the “Animal training records form” below) and provide a copy of this training to the IACUC upon request.  Procedural training may be a mixture of observation and hands-on activity; however, being trained means that the individual is proficient in the procedure and can perform the procedure to the satisfaction of the PI and/or veterinarian and/or veterinary staff.  If an individual does not have training, do not upload an incorrect training log; simply state in the “responsibilities” section of the personnel page of the protocol e-form the procedures they will be expected to do and state that those procedures will not be performed independently until the individual is appropriately trained and training submitted to the IACUC upon request.