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Training for Users of Stem Cells

University policy requires all researchers and research staff, including students, post-docs and visitors, who plan to work with hESC to participate in training prior to engaging in this research. The SCRO tutorial is intended to educate researchers on ethical issues associated with hESC research and inform them of relevant institutional, state, and federal policies and procedures.


Successful completion of the SCRO tutorial quiz is required for all hESC users prior to being added to an approved SCRO protocol.

Researchers working exclusively with human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) are not required to complete the tutorial unless (1) they will be working on research funded by the State (Regenerative Medicine Research Fund or Connecticut Bioscience Innovation Fund) or (2) they plan to implant human iPSCs into prenatal animals or into the central nervous system of post-natal animals.


To access the tutorial, quiz, and the sheet to record your answers, click on the links below. Return your answer sheet to eciesielski@uchc.edu. You will be notified of your quiz results and receive a certificate upon successful completion.