1. The Sponsored Program Services (SPS) Administrative Program Coordinator compiles the proposal materials and date/time stamps as received.
  2. In order of receipt, the SPS Administrative Program Coordinator enters the proposal information into InfoEd, prepares a proposal file and forwards to the Sponsored Programs Specialist.
  3. The SPS Sponsored Programs Specialist reviews the proposal materials to ensure compliance with institutional and sponsor policies.
  4. When the proposal review has been completed, the SPS Sponsored Programs Specialist informs the principal investigator and/or department administrator of any changes to be made.  It is the responsibility of the principal investigator and/or department administrator to make the changes.
  5. The SPS Sponsored Programs Specialist forwards the proposal to the University’s authorized representative for review, approval and signature.
  6. For paper proposals or electronic submissions by the principal investigator, SPS returns the signed forms to the principal investigator or department administrator.  It is the responsibility of the principal investigator or department administrator to submit the final proposal to the sponsor.  A full copy of the proposal should be forwarded to SPS.
  7. For electronic submissions by SPS, the Sponsored Programs Specialist submits the final proposal to the sponsor.
  8. The PI and/or department administrator should monitor submission of the proposal through sponsor acceptance of the proposal for review.  This can be done via e-mail from or directly from the sponsor.   If there are errors requiring correction, the PI and/or department administrator makes the necessary corrections and contacts SPS to resubmit.

Proposal Review Requirements

SPS requests that every effort is made to submit your proposal to our office no less than 5 business days prior to the agency deadline.  This allows SPS to review the proposal thoroughly and identify problems that need to be addressed, as well as allow you ample time to finalize the proposal.

All proposals must be routed through SPS for review and approval prior to submitting to the sponsor to ensure compliance with University, Federal, State, and Sponsor policies and procedures.  Pre-proposals that require electronic submission by SPS, the signature of an authorized official or cost share must also be routed through SPS. The routing process is not completed until the authorized official in SPS has signed the proposal.

Submissions made prior to approval from SPS are not officially approved and may be administratively withdrawn if the submission is found to be non-compliant with University or agency requirements. If you have submitted a proposal without SPS review, please notify us immediately so we can work with you to route your proposal for the necessary approvals.