Banner Accounts

OCTR provides fiscal support services to principal investigators and administrative staff conducting clinical trials or research at UConn Health. Newly approved clinical trials will be assigned a fund number on the university’s Banner accounting system. This account will be set up and administered in our office in order to track study related financial activity.

Banner Fund Set-Up

OCTR staff will assign a clinical trial INFOED number and assign a Banner fund number to the study. The six digit fund code is unique to the study and will be used to designate all transactions associated with the study in the university’s Banner accounting system. In addition to the six digit fund code, a complete set of coding will include the organization code, account code and program code. FOAPAL refers to:

FUND Organization Account Program Activity Location
600000 40000 75501 31

Once the Banner fund is set-up, we will notify you by email.


Initial Budget and Supplements

Once the Banner fund account has been established, OCTR staff will load the initial budget into Banner. The initial budget will be set at a portion of the expected income and expense anticipated over the course of the study. A memo will be sent to the Study Administrator and the Principal Investigator (PI) detailing the accounts and amount of funds included in the initial budget.

Supplements to the budget will be completed as the study progresses, subjects are added and payments are received. A memo will be sent notifying administrative staff and the PI of each new budget supplement.

Institutional Prior Approval System (IPAS) or No Cost Extension

Frequently studies are extended beyond the contractual end date of the original agreement between the sponsor and the PI. Once an addendum to the clinical trial agreement (CTA) has been completed, the study administrator should initiate an IPAS+ Form.

OCTR will then extend the study on Banner.

Sponsor Payments

Payments by check are received in research finance and by wire in general accounting. If you receive the check directly, please deliver the check to research finance as soon as possible (MC 5335).

Once deposited, OCTR will be notified of the payment and a copy of the check will be scanned and sent by email to the study administrator.

Study Expenses

Invoice Template

Download template >

Time and Effort Reporting

Time and Effort Procedures


Study Expenses Payable by Invoice

Study administrative staff may need to invoice the sponsor periodically for reimbursement of items requiring an invoice to the sponsor (refer to Budget Workbook and CTA). An invoice template is provided for this purpose. Pay careful attention to the payment section of the executed CTA for information on when an invoice is required. Start-up costs generally fall into this category.


Once the setup of the fund is complete, study related charges can be initiated for payment by the administrative staff and will be reflected in the fund’s financial results. Reflection of proper time and effort (T&E) by the PI, study coordinator and administrative staff will not be charged to the fund automatically.

Allocation of study related T&E must be initiated by the study staff. Please refer to Research Finance › Policies & Procedures › Time and Effort Reporting.