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Equipment Awards FY2019-FY2022

FY2022 Equipment Awards

Equipment Contact
Centrifuge (Immunology Department/replacement) Anthony Vella
CO2 Incubator (replacement) Anna Dongari-Bagtzoglou
XmageXpress Confocal HT Microscope David Rowe, Joseph Lorenzo, Archana Sanjay, Ming Xu, Daniel Youngstrom
X-ray Diffractor (MBB Department/replacement) Wolfgang Peti
Drosophila Incubator (replacement) Blanka Rogina
Zeiss Upright Fluorescence Microscope (replacement) James Li
Freezer (-80 replacement) Marja Hurley
Freezer (-80 replacement) Royce Mohan
Echo Revolve Microscope (replacement) Marc Hansen
LN2 Tank (Center on Aging/replacement) Laura Haynes
DXA Bone Densitometry System George Kuchel
Microcentrifuge (replacement) Chris Heinen
Repair Tissue Bath (replacement) Phillip Smith

FY2021 Equipment Awards

Equipment Contact
Freezer (-80 replacement) Yi Wu
Freezer (-80 replacement) Donald Kreutzer
X-ray unit, Faxitron (replacement) Archana Sanjay and Ivo Kalajzic
Blood pressure monitoring units Victor Hesselbrock, Clinical Research Center
Replacement parts for imaging system Marja Hurley
X-ray source for MicroCT (replacement) Daniel Youngstrom, MicroCT

FY2020 Equipment Awards

Equipment Contact
Malvern Nanosight NS300 (partial support/rest funded off grant) Joel Pachter, Laser Capture Microdissection Core
MindWare analysis equipment and software Margaret Briggs-Gowan, et al. (Psychiatry Department)
Bioanalyzer Kevin Claffey, Molecular Core
Accuvein Victor Hesselbrock, Clinical Research Center
Multi-electrode array electrophysiology system Eric Levine, Stormy Chamberlain, Phillip Smith
ZE5 Cell Analyzer (5-laser) Evan Jellison, Flow Cytometry Facility
Imaris Visualization Software Ann Cowan, CCAM Microscopy Facility
Freezer (-80 replacement) Marja Hurley
Ultra-Low Freezer (replacement) Bing Hao
Milli-Q Water Purification System (replacement) Chris Heinen
Chemidoc MP Imaging System Augustus Mazzocca, et al (Orthopaedic Surgery Department)

FY2019 Equipment Awards

Equipment Contact
CLAMS system (partial support) George Kuchel, Ming Xu, Laura Haynes
UltraVox System (Noldus Information Tech) James Li
Freezer (-80 replacement) Irina Bezsonova
Freezer (-80 replacement) Augustus Mazzocca
Biacore Fluidics Jeff Hoch, Biophysical Core
Cryostat (replacement) Kevin Claffey, Histology Research Facility
Cryostat (repair) James Li
Scanner (repair) Ernie Canalis, MicroCT
Centrifuge Vladimir Rodionov