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Add Undergraduate Students to InfoEd

The following URL, which requires NetID authentication, provides a near real-time, self-service method for adding undergraduate students to the Storrs and Health Center InfoEd systems with baseline (default) security so they can be added to a protocol personnel page within InfoEd.


Once logged in, simply search for the individual student by any of the following:

  • Name (Last, First, MI – case senstitive)
  • email address (firstname.lastname@uconn.edu – all lowercase)
  • NetID
  • PeopleSoft ID

When the correct individual is listed in the grid, check the box on the left hand side and hit one of the two blue “Add selected users to InfoEd” buttons located above and below the search results grid. The student will have an active (valid) account in both InfoEd systems within 20 minutes between the hours of 7AM-10:45PM, seven days per week.

Note: Only students in the current search results set can be added. To add more students, simply repeat the search, select, and add process, as necessary.

If you experience any difficulties with this website, please contact the eRA Help Desk at 860.486.7944 between the hours of 8AM-4:30PM M-F, or email era-support@uconn.edu and someone will get back to you.