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Technology Transfer & Venture Development Contacts

Name Title Phone Email
Abhijit Banerjee, PhD Associate Vice President for Innovation and Entrepreneurship 860.486.8949 abhijit.banerjee@uconn.edu
Gregory Gallo, PhD Director, Technology Transfer 860.679.8774 ggallo@uchc.edu
Mostafa Analoui, PhD Executive Director, Venture Development 860.486.1482 mostafa.analoui@uconn.edu
Mark Aindow, PhD Executive Director, Innovation, External Engagement and Industry Relations 860.486.1339 m.aindow@uconn.edu
Amit Kumar, PhD Director, Licensing & Business Development 860.679.7894 or 860.486.6938 a.kumar@uconn.edu
Donna Cyr, PhD Director of Licensing, Physical Sciences & Engineering 860.679.8185 donna.m.cyr@uconn.edu
Lindsay Sanford, PhD Director of Licensing, Engineering 860.486.2531 lindsay.sanford@uconn.edu
Paul Parker Director, Technology Incubation Program (TIP) 203.912.2214 paul.parker@uconn.edu
Nicole Barkley Assistant to the Associate Vice President for Innovation and Entrepreneurship 860.486.2532 nicole.barkley@uconn.edu
Ana Lena Fidantsef, PhD Technology Licensing Associate 860.679.8772 fidantsef@uchc.edu
Christine McCluskey Intellectual Property Specialist 860.679.3992 christine.mccluskey@uconn.edu
Brandon Nickle Coordinator, Technology Incubation Program (TIP) 860.679.2921 brandon.nickle@uconn.edu
Taylor Renaud Event & Outreach Specialist 860.679.7893 taylor.renaud@uconn.edu