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Topaz Elements

Topaz ElementsThe Office of the Vice President for Research is discontinuing use Topaz Elements effective July 31, 2020. Topaz Elements is a suite of web-based electronic research administration software that spans both the animal compliance (creating protocols) and animal operations (ordering, tracking, billing)  areas. We went live with the new system on June 9, 2016. The system will be sunset on July 31, 2020. No new IACUC protocols are entered into this system. All IACUC protocols have transitioned to the UConn Health InfoEd system.

Microsoft Silverlight Issues – Updated November 2019


Recent updates to common web browsers have left very limited options for running the Microsoft Silverlight plugin which is required in order to use Topaz:

Mac Users:

  • Safari version 12.0 or later is not compatible with Topaz since NPAPI plugins such as Silverlight are not supported.  There is no way to revert back to an earlier version of Safari once it is upgraded.
  • Topaz Elements Application.  For Mac users with Mac OS v13 (High Sierra) that would like to attempt to install a standalone Fluid application to run Topaz Elements, you may follow these instructions.
  • The only other option on a Mac with Safari 12.0 or later is to install an older Firefox ESR, version 52.  This will replace any newer version of Firefox.  It is not possible to have both the old and new Firefox co-exist on the same Mac.  This older Firefox browser should ONLY be used only for Topaz access as it is no longer receiving security updates.  Directions for this option can be found here.
  • Mac OS Catalina does not support 32bit software such as Silverlight  which is required for Topaz Elements since there is no Silverlight 64bit version. Do not upgrade to Mac OS Catalina if you need to use Topaz as the above workarounds will not work with Catalina. However, one user has been successful in using Chrome with IE Tab extension installed on a Mac (other users have done this with a PC) and using https://uconnprod.topazti.net/UCElements/ as an Auto URL in IE Tab to trick Chrome into behaving like Internet Explorer 11 and earlier and loading Silverlight. New
  • Use a PC and Internet Explorer 11
  • Topaz Elements via CitrixRemote into a PC through CITRIX (remote.uchc.edu) to use a Windows based PC with Internet Explorer 11. We have reinstated the Topaz Citrix group for all existing Topaz users as of 4/8/20. You can find Topaz Elements under Apps after remoting in through CITRIX. Alternatively, if you are on campus, choose UConn Health Citrix Applications icon on the standard desktop and the look for the Topaz Elements application under Applications. Save it as a Favorite for quick access.

PC Users:

  • Use Internet Explorer 11 or IE 11 Desktop (not Microsoft Edge) to access Topaz Elements.  This Topaz.zip file contains a shortcut which you can place on your desktop to ensure that the correct IE 11 browser is being used for Topaz. Preferred Option
  • Use Chrome with IE Tab extension installed to emulate Internet Explorer within a Google Chrome tab. Add the Topaz URL to the list of Auto URLs in IE Tab so it becomes seamless when typed into the Chrome browser.
  • Install Firefox ESR 52.9 32 bit or 64 bit (depending on your OS), uninstall Firefox ESR 60 completely, install Firefox ESR 52.9, and open the preferences, look for Updates, and set preference to “Never check for updates (not recommended).” Any other option will undo everything you have just done and update your system to the newer version of Firefox that doesn’t allow Silverlight to run.  Do not upgrade the browser if/when prompted.
    • Do not use Firefox ESR 52.9 for anything but Topaz Elements as this browser will no longer be receiving security patches.


System Availability

Topaz Elements is now available to the larger UConn Health community at https://uconnprod.topazti.net/UCElements/. Citrix is no longer needed. You may use Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, Firefox Extended Service Release (ESR) 45-52.9, Firefox general release 45.0-51.0,  or Safari 9-11, to access the site. Topaz Elements is not compatible with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox general release version 52+, or Safari 12. Use your UConn Health domain name account username and password to login.  If you experience technical difficulties, contact the Office of the Vice President for Research eRA Help Desk at era-support@uconn.edu or 860-486-7944. See our Topaz Elements FAQs for additional details.



The eRA Help Desk in the Office of the Vice President for Research will provide application level support for Topaz Element users, including but not limited to user account requests and technical support. The eRA Help Desk can be reached at era-support@uconn.edu or (860) 486-7944.  Requests for access to Topaz Elements will continue to be initiated through the UConn Health User Access Request process at https://uar.uchc.edu (hyperlink restricted to UConn Health on-campus or vpn access only). Topaz Elements users must have a UConn Health domain name username and password plus application access to Topaz Elements.


System Highlights

  • Users access Topaz Elements by entering their UConn Health domain username and password at https://uconnprod.topazti.net/UCElements/. This is the same username/password used to login to your computer and access the UConn Health computer network. A separate username and password will no longer need to be remembered.
  • You will login in to one system, rather than two, for viewing/creating protocols, placing animal orders, and reviewing animal related invoices and charges.
  • Access Topaz Elements from wherever you have Internet access — at home, in the office, or while traveling.
  • A new Animal Order form will be used that has a different appearance, however the same information will be required for placing animal orders. There are no significant animal order process changes, except that users will have separate entries for male, female and either genders to chose from when placing orders. Also, future cage cards are no longer ordered through Topaz, but instead are requested via the Future Cage Card Request form on the secure CCM website.
  • A new cage card with tear off barcode will be used.
  • For billing, principal investigators and financial/administrative staff will now we able to access the system directly to review bills and invoices as soon as they are generated using the My Bills dashboard.